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An estimated 100,000 marine animals and two million sea birds die each year from eating or becoming entangled in marine debris.

Click here for a resource to organize your own cleanup! It focuses on river cleanups, but these ideas would apply to bay and pond cleanups as well.

Contact Melanie Grillone with questions about the Coastal Cleanup program.


Protecting our coastal resources

Marine debris (trash) is a worldwide problem; an estimated 14 billion pounds of trash are dumped in the ocean yearly. Marine debris is not only ugly, but dangerous to marine life and human health. Since many forms of debris are not biodegradable, they can cause problems for years to come.


Keep Pinellas Beautiful and Fort De Soto Park have been our partners since 2001. In 2012, the Sunshine Skyway’s Black Thorne Park was added. Other sites in Pinellas County include Cunningham Key (Tampa Bay Watch), Weedon Island Preserve, Coffee Pot Bayou (kayak only).  In Hillsoborough County we partner with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful for a cleanup held at Palonis Park, and Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources Department for cleanups in Manatee County. Without our partners we would not be able to be as successful as we are in removing marine debris from our waterways. By removing debris from our shorelines we are helping to solve an international issue at a local level.


Marine Debris Biodegradation Time Line:




What Is Marine Debris?

Marine debris is any persistent solid material that is manufactured or processed and directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, disposed of or abandoned into the marine environment or the Great Lakes.


The Statistics


Fall 31,022 pounds

Spring 12,887 pounds

Summer 16,611 pounds



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