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Water Quality:
Test salinity of water. Fill the hydrometer to the line with water from the nursery. Set the hydrometer on a level surface. Read the salinity in ppt. Safe range is 10-20 ppt. Ideal is 15 ppt.


Is salinity in the safe range?

Test pH of water. Tear off a 1” piece of pH paper. Use water dropper to place 1 drop of water on paper. Hold paper up to color chart and read pH. Safe range is 6.5 - 8.5. Ideal range is 7.5-8.


Is the pH in the safe range?
Check the amount of algae in the nursery. If it covers all of the soil it needs to be treated.
Algae is covering:
Water Level:
Check dampness of soil. Place a finger in the middle of a planting cell. The soil should be moist.
Soil is:
| |
Nursery is
Plant Health:
Check plants for disease using the disease ID card. Are any of these diseases present? Select from list and note location of diseased plants.

Possible disease(s) I see are:
Rust Black spot Fungus

Location of disease(s):

Operations Check:
Check the timer.
Is the date and time accurate?
Is the "change battery" message showing?
Notify teacher if you find any of the following:
Unsafe water quality | Large amounts of algae | Dry soil | Leaks/valves turned off | Presence of disease | Malfunctioning timer

Overall spartina Alterniflora Abundance:

% of healthy trays per quadrant
% of unhealthy/empty trays per quadrant Average # of plants in cells per quadrant (avg. 5 cells)

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