Be the Face of Tampa Bay Watch!

Tampa Bay Watch regularly seeks outreach volunteers to represent our organization at community events such as MarineQuest and Ribfest. As an outreach volunteer, you'll talk to people who come up to our display to find out more about our mission, our restoration projects, youth education, and volunteer and membership opportunities.

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VOLUNTEERING at tampa bay watch

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Tampa Bay Watch! They accomplish restoration and protection activities we could never afford hired staff to complete. Youth and adult volunteers are involved each year in a variety of hands-on habitat restoration projects such as oyster dome construction, oyster shell bar installation, salt marsh plantings and coastal cleanups to help the bay recover from its devastating environmental problems. Volunteers of all ages participate in our projects. Our coastal cleanups and salt marsh plantings are family-friendly and open to all ages. If you would like to be kept informed of our numerous volunteer opportunities, complete our online registration so you will receive our weekly email message which advertises our upcoming environmental restoration projects.

Contact Rachel Arndt, communications coordinator, with questions about any of these upcoming events! Call 727-867-8166, extension 233, or Click here to Email Rachel.

build domes for tampa bay

Volunteers Needed

Tampa Bay Watch is recruiting 10-20 hard-working volunteers to help build oyster domes at our Marine Center. The project takes place on specified weekday mornings from 9 am until noon. The minimum age to participate in this project is 16 years old.The project involves pouring marine-friendly concrete into fiberglass molds to create oyster domes and taking apart the molds that were previously poured.

Oyster domes are constructed onsite at the Tampa Bay Watch Marine Center at regular intervals throughout the year in preparation for placement in Tampa Bay, to minimize shoreline erosion and provide surface area for oysters to attach. Additionally, by being placed along seawalls and shorelines, the domes restore hard bottom habitat and improve water quality. Read more here!

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Wednesday, February 4
Wednesday, February 18

why do you restore the bay?

Greetings, friends! Every day, names come across my desk- Names of new members, veteran supporters, first-time donors and volunteers of all capacities. More importantly, these are the names that make the work we do a reality. This year, I’m adding faces to names by asking one question…Why do you Restore the Bay Every Day?

I’ll be the first to answer.

I Restore the Bay because there's nothing better to me than salty days in the mangrove trails netting fiddler crabs with my family. I restore the Bay because I cherish the moment a nest of loggerhead sea turtles hatch right before my eyes (one of the best days of my life). I Restore the Bay Every Day because I'm totally devoted to my role of Membership Coordinator at Tampa Bay Watch.

Tell me why you help us Restore the Bay Every Day and you may be featured in an upcoming Tampa Bay Watch Spotlight! Email a photo of yourself enjoying the bay to accompany your short answer to this question: Why do you Restore the Bay Every Day? Be sure to include your name, member or volunteer status as well as contact information. To us, names and faces make all the difference.

Contact: Michelle Tepper, Membership Coordinator, Tampa Bay Watch Volunteer since 1998, Member since 2014.